The Process

Client artwork.

This is a brief overview of how we process your job from a graphic into your garment.

It starts with your idea that we receive as a computer graphic image -

  This example shows an Illustrator vector file consisting of a 6 colour image + base.

It highlights the making of one screen (the base) of 7 screens.

Illustrator file is colour separated on computer.

Film is produced for each colour

from an imagesetter.

Aluminium frame and

nylon mesh.

Mesh is tensioned using a Newton meter & attached to frame.

Ultra violet sensitive emulsion

is coated onto screen in darkroom.

Ultra violet light & film is used to expose each screen to leave

image behind.

7 screens are individually calibrated to realign the images into one image

to print T-shirt panels.

“Good job boys!”

Garments are produced from the printed panels by the girls.

Great job boys & girls.