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You can contact us easily in Vietnam.

Skype is free. You can download it with this link

Talk to us for free in English or Vietnamese.

Then use bigstarotto to call us. It’s great to talk to us directly about your needs when you are an overseas client.

Email for quotation enquiries and sending graphic files

please use


Mobile +84 935 277 712 (English)

Mobile +84 777 511 129 (Vietnamese)


0777 511 129 (Vietnamese)


Cty Tnhh Su Lua Chon Thong Minh

Xom 6 Phong Nien Thuong

Tinh Phong

Son Tinh 571600

Quang Ngai


If you don’t have Skype use the link above to join and talk to us for free from overseas.

Our Skype name is bigstarotto.

It’s easy and it’s free.

We love graphics that open in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop

Our intention is to make your experience with

Su Lua Chon Thong Minh a simple process to obtain the garments you want at the best possible price.

Contact us for a quote on production and shipping.

We are at your service.