To make sure your quote is accurate, easy for us & quick for you, you will need to provide the following

information. Most important is that you send us a low res jpeg of your design(s). We need to visually

know what is involved in your job. We need to know how many colours and what technique we will

use to give you the result you are looking for. Do not worry we will not copy your artwork for

ourselves, we are too busy doing honest business. We deliver to our customers

what they ask with no transfer of intellectual information or plagiarism by us.

For example, from your jpeg we can verify if your graphics are vector based

(e.g. An Bang Beach Club done on Illustrator) or image based (e.g. the

flowers done on Photoshop) or a combination (e.g. Cote d’Azur).

Copy the following information:

  1. 1.Provide a low res jpeg(s).

  1. 2.Size of print(s)?

  1. 3.Position of print(s) on T-shirts?

  1. 4.Colour & quantities of T-shirts for each print design?

  1. 5.Detailed list of sizes for each colour T-shirt?

  1. 6.Do you require your own size label inside the neck?

(1 colour only).

  1. 7.Do you require swing tags? If yes, please provide dimensions.

  1. 8.Do you have ready to run graphics or only the low res graphics you supplied? A low

resolution jpeg is not suitable for us to work with without incurring art charges.

Open this email link paste in the questions and type in your


If you don’t provide all the information we cannot process your quote.


When you receive the quote we will provide you with a package weight. You can then go to the

Vietnam Post website choose the option of seamail or airmail and calculate freight to you. You can

also choose Fedex by contacting us if you require faster delivery, please include your quote number.