More About Us

Sao Viet is a 100% Australian owned proprietary limited screen printing company, set up by

its sister company in Australia, Bigstar ScreenPrinters Pty Ltd, in acceptance to an initiative

by the Vietnamese Government to attract foreign investment in Vietnam. The owners, to both

companies, were granted a 50 year business license to operate in Vietnam. All screen printing equipment was shipped from Australia.

Sao Viet ScreenPrinters was established in 2007 in Central Vietnam near Hoi An Ancient Town. 

The factory was built in a rural Community Co-operative using the remains of a rice storage shed,

destroyed by a typhoon in 2006. A contract was drawn up between the owners of Sao Viet and the

local farming co-operative at Thon Viem Trung to restore the building in 2010. It has become a

symbol of achievement, pride and co-operation for the people of Viem Trung and their new

western neighbours.

As a result of the initiatives and leadership, shown by the Viem Trung Community Co-operative,

it has become recognised as a leader in its province, Quang Nam, by the national Vietnamese


All the staff are employed from the local area and have been trained to sew and screen print by

the owners of Sao Viet. They all enjoy modern and clean facilities, normal working hours, picnic

days, team building holidays and wages well above award. Sao Viet’s manager, Mr Lam, refers

to Sao Viet as “a family, not a company”. Sao Viet prides itself on its level of care for their staff.

Sao Viet ScreenPrinters print for companies in Australia such as Fred Bare, and Hanes in Vietnam.

We also print and manufacture for companies in Vietnam such as Hoi An Motorcycle Adventure

Tours, Hanoi BackPackers Hostel and the amazing Fusion Maia Resort, amongst others. Sao

Viet ScreenPrinters is also the owner, designer, inspiration and manufacturer of Hot Chili, a

Vietnamese registered clothing label.

We have screen printing, fabric supply and manufacturing services available. If your not sure if

your needs are too small or too big for us go to our quotations page and we will reply with a quote.

Hot Chili products can also be purchased online through

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